How to distinguish between traditional electrolysis and SPE electrolysis

Most traditional electrolysis is electrolysis because hydrogen and oxygen are not divided into electrolysis. Even for the well-known Japanese brand hyrogen water bottle on sell,they are traditional electrolysis.In the process of electrolysis, hydrogen, oxygen and ozone are mixed into the water, so the water quality is a little opaque when the water is formed. Only after 20 seconds after the electrolysis is is over, the water becomes transparent gradually. Many sellers say that the turbid white liquid is water (hydrogen) and that only the white mist is water, which is an irresponsible way to reverse the black and white propaganda.

Simply speaking, when the water electrolysis electro chemical decomposition of hydrogen percentage accounted for 60% and oxygen accounted for 30% and some O3 ozone so the color of the water is not transparent. Too much dissolved oxygen in water is harmful to the body. If ozone concentration is higher than 100 ppm, it will cause
breathing disorder and headache. The water produced by electrolysis has a bad taste, a smell of disinfectant water (O3 ozone), and the decomposition process will increase the residual chlorine of water, which will make it feel like burning the throat. When SPE electrolysis water cup produces water element water, cathode and anode are separated cell electrolysis, so only hydrogen molecule dissolves in water, oxygen and ozone will be discharged into air through another decomposition tank insoluble in water, so the water quality is clear and transparent, there is no white turbidity. The water quality is safer and the taste is better. There is no feeling of burning throat. At the same capacity and time, the concentration of water produced by electrolysis is higher than that produced by traditional electrolysis, and the retention time of water (hydrogen) is longer. Because the cell electrolysis structure is complex, technical requirements are high, the cost is high. and pure water can be electrolyzed, so there are not many factories that can overcome this difficulty. Now ACCWATER has been commercialization.