3.5L Water Filter Pitcher

3.5L Water Filter Pitcher (ACC-335C) is an excellent portable alkaline water pitcher/jug which convert the regular drinking water into alkaline with high antioxidant water, pH up to 10.00 and ORP negative -200mv.

5 Steps to make your ACC WATER PITCHER to be the best alkaline antioxidant water:

Removes chlorine, heavy metal and other contaminants
Turns water to 8.5-10.0 pH balance calcium, potassium and magnesium
Adds anti-oxidants given water an ORP of -200mv to -400mv
Hexagonal and Microclustered
Creat smaller water clusters which are easily absorbed by our body
Upgraded the old space-age NASA technology with new optimized media


Alkaline: 9.5 pH water
Capacity: 3.5 L (10 cups)
Antioxidants: -200 ORP.
Hydrogen: 0.3 ppm of H2
Filter Life: 2-3 months
Filtration: 7 Stages Filtration System Alkaline Water Pitcher
OEM/ODM´╝ÜBoth welcomed
Comes with 1 filter included
Produces mineralized, alkaline water as recommended by the WHO.

Contact by email: [email protected]

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