Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle

Item No.: ACC-601

The H2 Bottle provides the healthiest portable hydrogen water experience for any one. Infusing any drinkable water with dissolved hydrogen & antioxidants it is exactly, it will help our bodies fight harmful free radicals, prevent oxidative stress, & protect against illness and diseases.

420ml capacity
Japan PEM membrane
Korea electronic Plate with SPE technology
No Ozone,No Chlorine,No Oxygen
H2 up to 1700ppb
ORP up to -600mv

Puts only pure H2 into the water. 
No Oxygen, Ozone and Chlorine,they are separated out.
Generates high concentration of hydrogen water.
Create more H2 than most bottles on the market.
Easy to operate for any age.
420ml capacity
304 stainless steel cap, scratch-resistant and durable
High borosilicate glass cup body, solid and wear-resistant, not breeding bacterium
Food-grade PC bottom, safe and reliable
Quick and slow electrolysis mode, sensitive touch buttons, easy to operate
Bottle body can be detachable, easy to clean
USB interface design, convenient to charge
Safe high-capacity lithium battery, fast charge and long stand-by time.

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