Hydrogen Water Bottle

Item No.: ACC-602

Why ACC WATER-602 is different from the other hydrogen rich water bottle in the market?

In the market,there are 95% of hydrogen water bottles produce H2 with O3,CL2,H2O2 together into your drinking water,and only 5% of hydrogen water bottle produce H2 only and separate the Ozone(O3),Chlorine(CL2)and Oxygen(H2O2) with SPE technology.

The ACCWATER Hydrogen Water Bottle Support you:

Hydrogen up to 1600ppb
ORP up to -500mv
Japan PEM membrane
Korea electronic Plate with SPE technology
No Ozone,No Chlorine,No Oxygen

ACC H2 Bottle,the finest hydrogen water bottle in the world!

The ACC WATER Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle is a quality A+ hydrogen Water bottle with Japan PEM membrane,Korea electronic Plate with SPE technology,No Ozone,No Chlorine,No Oxygen and convert the regular water into hydrogen rich,antioxidant ORP water.

Capacity: 350ml
Color: White
Working Time: 3 Minutes
Battery: 10 times/charge
Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity: 3.7V/1600mAh
Charging time: 2-3 hours
USB charging,easy and convenient,waterproof sealed
Gift box Packing
Hydrogen Data: 1600ppb in 3 minutes
ORP: -500mv
Standard Bottle Caliber
No restrictions of most of bottled water connect
Easily install and make Hydrogen water anywhere,any time

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