Hydrogen Water Maker

Item No.: ACC-602

Stop!Do not drink chlorine,ozone water from your simple hydrogen water bottle now!
In the market,there are 95% of hydrogen water bottles produce H2 with O3,CL2,H2O2 together into your drinking water,and only 5% of hydrogen water bottle produce H2 only and separate the Ozone(O3),Chlorine(CL2)and Oxygen(H2O2) with SPE technology.

You can buy chlorine reagent,Ozone test strip to test if there are these unhealthy substance in your hydrogen drinking water after performance.
Our ACC-602 hydrogen water bottle using the PEM and SPE technology can effectively remove O3,CL2,H2O2.
Let us drink no chlorine,no ozone hydrogen water from ACC-602Hydrogen water bottle.

No Ozone,No Chlorine,No Oxygen
H2 up to 1700ppb
ORP up to -600mv
Japan PEM membrane
Korea electronic Plate with SPE technology

To carry the hydrogen water maker(Bottle) whereever you go,welcome to order ACC WATER Hydrogen Water Bottle.

No chlorine,No Ozone,No H2O2,it effectively only put H2 into your drinking water,the healthiest portable hydrogen water experience for any one. Infusing any drinkable water with dissolved hydrogen & antioxidants it is exactly, it will help our bodies fight harmful free radicals, prevent oxidative stress, & protect against illness and diseases.

Benefits of Drinking from ACC 602 Hydrogen Water Bottle:
1.Seek & Destroy Free Radicals with Hydrogen,Micro-clustering for Better Hydration
2.Stop Free Radicals, Stop Oxidation,Antioxidants neutralizing Free Radicals
3.Protect Yourself with Molecular Hydrogen
4.Improve Immune System
5.Feel Young Again
6.Improve Mind & Body,Improved Recovery
7.Mental Clarity
8. Weight Management

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