SPE Technology Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle

In the market,there are 95% of hydrogen water bottles produce H2 with O3,CL2,H2O2 together into your drinking water,and only 5% of hydrogen water bottle produce H2 only and separate the Ozone(O3),Chlorine(CL2)and Oxygen(H2O2) with SPE technology. ACC Water hydrogen water bottle 603 is a item to support the best performance on Pure 99.99% hydrogen rich water without any Ozone(O3),Chlorine(CL2)and Oxygen(H2O2).

The ACCWATER Hydrogen Water Bottle Support you:

SPE technology with PEM membrane
Dupont Membrane to remove Ozone, Chlorine,Oxygen,H2O2
Hydrogen up to 2800ppb
ORP up to -600mv
No Ozone,No Chlorine,No Oxygen

Super-high concentration:Hydrogen concentration up to 1300ppb for once, Hydrogen concentration up to 2800ppb for 2-4 times.

No limited water quality: Mineral Water,Pure Water,and Distilled Water is welcomed.
Pure hydrogen Water: Hydrogen purify up to 99.99%,only pure hydrogen water in your bottle
Safety: Separate the Ozone(O3),Chlorine(CL2)and Oxygen(H2O2) to the bottom of discharge
Disinfection function:Hydrogen-rich cups can produce oxygen-rich beauty water, disinfect the beauty, clean pesticide residues, do not produce scale. 

Simple & fashion design:Hydrogen-rich bottle with cover buckle design, better sealing, easy operation; its internal safety relief design, to avoid damage to the cup body,can also install to standard universal interface mineral bottled water like Evian, Ganten, and so on,make the travelling more simple!

Model  ACC-603 Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle
Capacity 350ML
Size Φ66±1mm, Height 243±3mm
Net Weight 600g
Material Titanium with Platinum Coating,SPE and PEM technology
pH 7.2
ORP -300mV ~ -600mV
Water Temperature 2~40ºC
Hydrogen Concentration 4 times up to 2800ppb
Power DC5V/1A
Working Period 5 minutes
Working Time 10~15 Times 
(Depending on water quality and working period)
Charging Time  2.5 Hours

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